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"PowerCommunicators offered a unique opportunity for my child to learn this important life skill at an early age. Classes I observed were upbeat and fun, involving even the most reluctant students. Field trips and video-taping helped them to understand the importance of language in all aspects of life."

- Washington, DC, High School Parent

"I was also very impressed with the resourcefulness and imagination of the PowerCommunicators staff administering and teaching the courses, using different approaches, exercises, and class projects appropriate to the grades being taught. Your people lead by example."

- Silver Spring, MD, Middle School Principal

"This [program] will enable educators all over the world to change the lives of students through empowering them with the skills of speaking, listening, writing, and reading·[that are] necessary to become well-rounded adults and productive citizens."

- Fairfax County, VA, Adult Education Administrator

"I got to play a reporter and then a weatherman for the TV project we did. The best part was watching us on TV and eating pizza."

- Washington, DC, Elementary School Student

"Plans to teach this program should extend to faculty and staff·"

- Newark, NJ, Extended School Day Administrator

"Since taking your workshop, my technical staff's attitude has changed dramatically, particularly in their dealings with clients: their demeanor on the phone, their positive face-to-face interactions, and even their ability to develop new business. Thanks to you and your staff for tailoring your program to our needs."

- President, Information Technology Company

"I can't believe I waited so long in life to take such an important course. I'm angry and exhilarated all at the same time. But one thing is clear: this will get me to places I've really wanted to go. Starting now!"

- Washington, DC, Corporate Executive

A Principal's Perspective

"The positive impact of the PowerCommunicators Program can be demonstrated in the following example. Susan, a very shy 3rd grade student at my school, who rarely, verbally expressed herself at the beginning of our summer program, graduated from the sessions with an eloquent recitation and dramatization of a poem that she composed. Susan, whose, verbal communications were severely deficient, became actively involved during the PowerCommunicators "Blah-Blah-Blah" exercises. From that point onward, we saw significant verbal improvement. She began to express herself more forcefully and she would interject her thoughts to the class group.

During her presentation at the end of the summer session, former teachers and peers were astonished when she began speaking and acting out her poem. I was so amazed because we had never heard Susan talk. The small group setting and individualized instruction augmented by the strong PowerCommunicators curriculum had a positive and beneficial effect on Susan. She is only one example of many that reflects the effectiveness of the program.

We need to figure out how to make this a PowerCommunicators School!"

Burnell Holland
Principal, Wilkinson Elementary School
Washington, DC