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PowerCommunicators TM
The art of communication is the language of leadership - James Hume

Youth Programs

  • 6, 8, & 10 Session Workshops for K-12 and Youth-Service Organizations
  • After School Programs
  • PowerCommunicators Camp
  • Summer School
  • Individual Instruction
  • Train-the-Trainer Workshops

Adult Programs

  • Workshops & Classes
  • Individual Instruction & Coaching
  • Corporate Instruction
  • Workforce Re-Entry
  • Train-the-Trainer Workshops

Results - PowerCommunicators is a research-based program that has produced positive changes in students' grades, behavior, and school attendance. Positive changes have also been documented in students' attitude, confidence, and responsibility. These results are backed by statistical and anecdotal documentation from teachers, parents, students, administrators, employers, and our own measurement tools.

Curriculum - The core curriculum is one that teaches the fundamentals of communication and public speaking as one of our most important life skills. Tenets of leadership, character education, and human potential development are woven into the curriculum as thinking and talking points for class discussion and complementary written exercises. Developing skill and confidence in dealing with real life situations - from greetings and introductions, to interviews and networking settings - is a primary goal of the instruction; unleashing creativity and imagination is another. For K-12 school and youth organization instruction, our curriculum is aligned with various state standards for teaching and learning.

Delivery - Classes are limited to no more than 15 individuals to allow as many speaking opportunities as possible during each session. The curriculum can be delivered in numerous tailored ways and program durations: from standard workshops and classes to individualized coaching, immersion classes, and extended programs. We will work with you, your school, or organization to arrange flexible scheduling and on-site delivery of services, as required.

Instructors - Our teachers and coaches have met rigorous screening, hiring, and training standards in order to be able to present the trademarked PowerCommunicators course. Instructors are evaluated, as appropriate, by students, parents, school administrators, and our own quality assurance professionals through written and oral surveys to make certain that learning expectations are being met and that results are delivered. PowerCommunicators instructors are also subject to standard police background checks prior to training and hiring.

Course Materials - PowerCommunicators has an Instructor's Manual and a Student Workbook and Journal. That's it. In time, we may add tapes and CDs to facilitate on-the-go and on-your-own learning. But for now, we go with a hands-on, highly interactive process that works. All classes are videotaped to enable students and instructors to identify and work on strengths and weaknesses. The core curriculum fundamentally remains the same regardless of the configuration or duration of the classes. Of course, the curriculum is adjusted to suit the needs of students in different grades and at different levels of ability and capability. Our course materials are designed to allow an optimal level of participation in the thinking and learning process. Our small classes and instructor-to-student ratios encourage maximum interaction between student and teacher.

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