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  • Partnership with DC’s Bread for the City

    Bread for the City (“Bread” – www.BreadfortheCity.org) helps more than 10,000 people every month with their Food Program, Clothing Program, Housing Assistance, Social Services, Legal Clinic, and the provision of primary medical care to uninsured and low-income children and adults through their Medical Clinic. Bread’s Pre-Employment Program (PEP) has also grown enormously over the years providing its clients with work skills and tools to best prepare them for the workplace. In 2013, PowerCommunicators teamed up with PEP incorporating its communication and public speaking program into PEP’s training workshops.
  • PowerCommunicators in Africa!

    PowerCommunicators has been working with Achieve in Africa (www.AchieveinAfrica.org), an organization that is building schools and community learning centers in Tanzania (Olasiti Village, Kitunda, and the village of Ulolela) to serve as a place for children to study and receive tutoring after school. In addition to teaching traditional subjects, other facets of the schools' and learning centers' curriculum will include a business fundamentals course, a self-empowerment/public speaking curriculum (PowerCommunicators [translated to Swahili]), and HIV/AIDS awareness. Updates to follow!
  • PowerCommunicators in Baltimore

    Working through the recently completed 2009-2010 No Child Left Behind program, PowerCommunicators delivered its unique program to 15 schools in the Baltimore City Public School system exposing students to the fine art of effective communication. Culminating activities by the classes provided a showcase for our students' newly-acquired skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, ranging from "Poetry Slams and Jams" to debates, from original plays to mock TV broadcasts. We look forward to extending our program even further during the 2010-2011 school year and beyond as we have recently been re-certified by the Maryland Department of Education as Supplemental Educational Service Providers through 2012.
  • PowerCommunicators Journal Article on "Teaching Basic Communication Skills

    An article by PowerCommunicators President Ed Wilczynski appears in the Winter issue of the SouthEast Education Network (SEEN) Magazine dedicated to Creating 21st Century Schools. The article addresses the importance of knowing how to use the spoken word and its role in the spectrum of literacy/language arts.

    “In a nutshell, I try to make the point that without learning how to communicate verbally, it would be most difficult to learn "21st Century Skills," STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills, or, for that matter, the content of any subject area without the benefit of effective spoken language (combined with reading, writing, observing, and listening)."

    If you have any questions about the article or would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact Ed by email or by calling 703-317-0637.
  • DC Summer Program Students Participate in Leadership and Communication Courses

    The District of Columbia Public Schools will be using the PowerCommunicators curriculum to present a Leadership and Communication course to 750 DC high school students this summer as part of DC’s Career Pathway Program. The program will run from June through August and will operate between 2-6 classes at each of 10 District high schools, including Anacostia, Ballou, Cardozo, Columbia Heights EC, Coolidge, McKinley, Roosevelt, Springarn, Wilson, and Woodson.
  • District of Columbia Students Graduate AT&T-Sponsored PowerCommunicators Course
  • PowerCommunicators Gives Presentation at 2009 ASCD Conference

    PowerCommunicators President Ed Wilczynski was an invited speaker at the recent 2009 Annual ASCD Conference held in Orlando, Florida, from March 14 through March 17, 2009. The presentation - "Why Aren't We Teaching Speaking Skills To Our Kids?" - is, of course, a topic near and dear to the PowerCommunicators mission of training K-12 students in the very important life skills of oral communication and public speaking.

    Wilczynski discussed this gap in most school and youth organization literacy programs, gave recommendations on how to remedy this situation, and invited the audience to participate in a demonstration of various inter-personal communication techniques. A copy of the presentation outline can be seen by clicking here.