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Every session offers students practice in preparation for real-life situations where good communication skills are a must: from simple greetings and introductions, to interviews, networking, and relationship management. The core course is a ten-module program that will not only teach students how to communicate effectively, but also imparts lessons in character development, good citizenship, and leadership. Each module builds upon the knowledge gained and techniques practiced in previous modules.

This unique program aligns with Standards for Teaching and Learning and has produced documented improvements in students' grades, attendance, and behavior. The program is also intended to enhance students' confidence and self-esteem while instilling appreciation for effective language and communication as life-long assets. A digest of the ten-module program follows:

Modules 1 & 2
cover the importance of good communication in all aspects of life and set the baselines for effective language and communication: overcoming fear, establishing eye contact and body language, speaking without thinking, the "Blah-Blah-Blah" conversation, making introductions, expanding vocabulary, observing and critiquing professional communicators, practicing your elevator speech, and finding communication role models and mentors.

Modules 3 & 4
reinforce the why's and how-to's of mutual respect, review communication etiquette and courtesies, emphasize the importance of the Success-Failure Formula, introduce you to PowerVisualizationTM, talk about your Choices, show you how to ask for what you want, re-align your body and its language, introduce you to the interview, and help to get you in your zone.

Modules 5 & 6
polish your skills for speech-writing, show you how to achieve anger management, sharpen your phone/cell phone communication abilities, introduce the "Win-Win" philosophy, videotape your practice interview, and show you how to start and finish what you start: thinking and doing!

Modules 7 & 8
focus on the importance of goal-setting and planning, demonstrate how to use humor, show you how to argue both sides of an issue, help you research your speech, connect your writing to your reading to your speaking, emphasize the art of listening, highlight confidence-building, reveal the power of OPM TM (Other Peoples' Minds), and show you how to speak from your head and your heart.

Modules 9 & 10
explore original thought/opinion, emphasize networking and relationship management, have you practicing in different venues, present the concept of choosing the "high road," illustrate the value of attitude, ask what is the best thing about you, evaluate your people skills, and review communication and leadership principles.

All sessions
· are limited to eight to twelve (8-12) students and
· allow three to five (3-5) speaking opportunities per student per session
· are videotaped for student's progress and self assessment
· welcome parental/peer participation