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Ed Wilczynski

Ed is the creator of the PowerCommunicators TM Program and President of PowerCommunicators, Inc., a non-profit educational organization. In the course of one of his many community service efforts, Ed realized that students he worked with in Washington, DC did not have the necessary communication skills to express or represent themselves effectively, and, hence, to pursue their ambitions and dreams realistically. He created PowerCommunicators, a communication/public speaking/life skills program for K-12 students, that has since been introduced into schools and youth organizations, as well as various adult training venues.

Ed has held executive leadership and management positions with several major public, non-profit, and private sector organizations. In each of these organizations, he created and managed numerous educational outreach initiatives, including intern, mentor-protégé, leadership, and character education programs directed at elementary, middle, high school, and college students.

He has also been a Sponsor with the "I Have a Dream"® Foundation since 1996, when he adopted an entire 3rd grade class of 60 Dreamers in Washington, DC, the Dream Class of 2006. Sponsors arrange for mentoring, tutoring, leadership training, and college tuition support for their Dreamers through the time they graduate high school. When his Dreamers graduated high school in 2006, 90% graduated on time and 70% were accepted to and subsequently attended college or trade school. Most Dreamers received some version of PowerCommunicators training.

In addition to being a Sponsor, Ed is also the Chairman of the Board of the "I Have A Dream"® Foundation of Washington, DC, and works with several other area charities.

He has an MS from Harvard University and a BS from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.


Tracy Proctor

Tracy Proctor is the co-creator of the PowerCommunicators communication/public speaking/life skills Program for elementary, middle, and high school students and adults. Tracy is also Vice President of PowerCommunicators, Inc.

He has been a Project Coordinator, Program Director, and Executive Director with the "I Have A Dream"® Foundation for 15 years, successfully steering one DC Dreamer class through college and working on completing his second class. He continues to play a principal role in Washington, DC's recent launch of 5 similar classes as part of the U.S. Department of Education's GEAR-UP Program.

Tracy serves on the Board of Directors of the "I Have a Dream"® Foundation of Washington, DC and is a senior consultant to the to the DC State Education Office and the National GEAR-UP Evaluation Committee.

Tracy holds BS and MS degrees from Howard University.