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PowerCommunicators TM is a communication and public speaking program for students in the first (1st) through twelfth (12th) grades that teaches the fundamentals of effective professional and social speaking, expression, and interaction. PowerCommunicators, Inc. also serves the needs of the adult population in a variety of forums.

Good communication abilities are among the most important life skills critical to achieving success in any field. No matter how brilliant you may be, or how knowledgeable about a subject you are, if you can't get the words out in a compelling, convincing, or coherent way, your thoughts are of limited value. How will you be able to accomplish what you want to achieve, or become the person you want to become without sound communication abilities? Awareness, development, and honing of these skills starting at an early age will set the foundation for a lifetime of conveying your thoughts, ideas, and recommendations effectively to many different types of audiences.

PowerCommunicators teaches basic communication techniques and other important related life skills focusing on topics that the students are comfortable with, as well as subjects that will stretch their thinking, imagination, and communication abilities. The sessions will initially take place in comfortable settings, and then switch to different venues, just like real life. Students will learn skills and techniques useful in a variety of everyday settings and situations: from simple greetings and introductions to interviews, networking, and relationship management. PowerCommunicators students will be on their feet beginning with their first session and will be videotaped, constructively critiqued, and given homework assignments. By the final session, the students will show new confidence and poise, and have an appreciation of the power of good communication and its role next to other life skills necessary for success.